Scytale Enterprise 1.2 expands the reach of the Scytale Enterprise platform, allowing customers to securely connect to Hashicorp Vault and Microsoft Active Directory from workloads running on Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine in addition to existing supported platforms.

We’re excited to announce today's release of Scytale Enterprise (SE) 1.2. SE is the cloud-native enterprise service identity platform. It enables enterprise security and infrastructure engineers to continuously assess the integrity of services running across distributed cloud and container IT environments, ensuring that only trusted services can mutually authenticate. 

SE 1.2 is our second release since launching SE 1.0 in June 2019, and enables SE customers to use the platform with more cloud computing environments and on IAM infrastructure.

SE 1.2 includes three new capabilities:

  • Reliably authenticate services running on Google Cloud and on-premise infrastructure 
    SE identifies workloads running on Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine. This complements SE's existing support for workloads running on Amazon Web Services and on-premise Linux and Kubernetes deployments. SE can be used with many Google Cloud Platform products that in turn lean on Google Compute Engine, such as Google Cloud Dataproc.
  • Secure authentication into Hashicorp Vault
    SE works with Hashicorp Vault. This enables customers to leverage SE's multi-factor attestation engine to securely authenticate to Vault and optionally also deliver credentials on its behalf. This is an alpha feature (see below for what this means).
  • Rapid, secure authentication with datastore  
    SE supports MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible certificates. This enables customers to use Scytale Enterprise-issued certificates to directly authenticate to these datastores using their standard, built-in PKI authentication engines. This too is an alpha feature.

Two additional "alpha" SE 1.2 capabilities include 1) API access to programmatically manage the lifecycle and mapping of identities across a multi-cloud deployment, and 2) comprehensive SE component telemetry.

Capabilities in Alpha are made available to customers on request, and are not covered by our product wide Service Level Agreements. We will announce here when these features become Generally Available, at which point they will be made available to all customers and covered by SLAs.

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