Scytale Enterprise 1.3 delivers multi-factor service authentication to services running on Microsoft Azure, along with API support for integrating into CI/CD and identity management workflows.

We’re excited to announce today's release of Scytale Enterprise (SE) 1.3. SE is the cloud-native enterprise service identity platform. It enables enterprise security and infrastructure engineers to continuously assess the integrity of services running on distributed cloud and container-based IT environments, ensuring that only trusted services can mutually authenticate.

This release introduces two new capabilities:

  • Fine-grained, multi-factor service authentication for services running on Microsoft Azure. SE brings its multi-factor service authentication engine to services running on Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VMs). SE can identify VMs by properties that include name, subscription ID, network security group, virtual network, and virtual network subnet. SE 1.3 now allows processes running on these VMs to be identified by additional properties, including the user it runs as, binary signature, binary path, Docker metadata, and many more.
  • The Scytale management console API goes beta. The Scytale console provides a single management interface to configure SE deployments across datacenters, cloud regions, and cloud providers. It also provides controls for managing and auditing the activity of console users. While today most customers interact with this console via a web-based user interface, customers sought to integrate service identity management into their existing application provisioning, change control, and CI/CD pipelines and toolchains.

    To support scenarios like these, we’re announcing the beta release of the Scytale console API. The Scytale console API allows customers to automate common tasks such as defining attestation policies or mapping SE service identities to existing infrastructure identities, such as user principals in Active Directory.  Just like the console itself, this API can support a multi-datacenter, multi-cloud deployment, and is subject to the same access controls that apply to users. As a beta feature, this capability is available to all customers but is not yet subject to our SLA and feature deprecation policy.

    Scytale Enterprise 1.3 also includes various minor enhancements, including improvements to the installation and setup experience, support for identity brokering to credentials stored in files on disk, and simplified upgrades. To learn more, schedule a demo with us today by visiting