Scytale Enterprise

Frictionless service authentication
 across any platform

Industry-first Service Identity Platform

Scytale Enterprise enables security engineering teams to standardize and accelerate service authentication across cloud, container-based, and on-premise platforms. Unlike other approaches, Scytale's solution is platform agnostic, fully automated, scalable, and based on open source. Scytale Enterprise reduces application onboarding from weeks to minutes and accelerate cloud and container adoption without compromising existing security controls.
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Key Features

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    Platform Agnostic

    Securely authenticate application or software services across heterogeneous platforms including cloud, containers, and on-premise infrastructures.

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    Designed for Dynamic Environments

    Easily manage identity in today’s cloud and containerized environments. Identities can be tied to individual services instead of static hostnames and Scytale Enterprise is automated to help you scale authentication in highly elastic environments.

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    Central Overlay Service Directory

    Provides a centralized directory for all service identities that unifies cloud, container, and on-premise identity providers. For each service ID, the directory also stores mapping to multiple identity providers that enables seamless translation across heterogeneous platforms.

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    Policy-Driven Lifecycle Management

    Leverages multi-factor policies to eliminate hard-coded keys. The solution automates steps such as identity issuance, attestation, and certificate rotation according to these predefined multi-factor policies.

  • Scytale%2f7cb16a25 45f5 47fc 9819 4af5daa8ea44 opensource
    Built on open source:

    Based on an open source standard (SPIFFE) designed by industry leaders, ensuring flexibility and security.

  • Scytale%2f4a7785fc 6366 4cbd 98a4 99231acd4008 shield search
    Comprehensive auditability

    Offers complete, granular insights into the lifecycle of a service’s identity in highly dynamic environments, including its associated policies and other details about the service itself.


  • Scytale%2ffa7fc66b 8ad2 4aa5 b467 74e1092f1efd time

    “Scytale can enable us to reduce application on-boarding cycles from weeks to minutes.”

    Head of Cyber Security Technology

  • Scytale%2f3b893a4d 932f 4770 8235 588fbc7d908e cloud ok

    “Scytale can provide us with a common identity model that adapts to various platforms, and speed adoption of new, dynamic infrastructure without loss of security.”

    Director Security Architecture

  • Scytale%2f748105e5 8ccd 4a7f a0fe d452959ce901 performance

    “Less code for developers, fewer manual requests for us. We just manage policies, the rest is automated.”

    VP Security Engineering

“Scytale’s approach is particularly exciting for its focus on unifying access controls to services across complex, hybrid IT ecosystems. By consolidating authentication practices for all services, organizations will greatly simplify IT service orchestration as they transition to cloud environments, while achieving security assurance.”

Steve Brasen, 
Research Director with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

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