Scytale Essentials

Scytale-supported distribution of SPIRE with immediate access to experts
Scytale Essentials provides your organization with access to a Scytale supported, production-hardened distribution of the SPIRE open source project hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (“SPIRE OSS” hereafter). It includes the features listed below.
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    Business Day Support

    Your organization has prioritized access to dedicated Scytale personnel across multiple media, including e-mail, phone, web, and Slack.

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    Bug-fixes and security fixes

    Typically bug fixes and security fixes to SPIRE require community approval and, as such, may be delayed. These patches will be immediately available in Scytale Essentials, ahead of community approval.

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    Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM):

    Scytale provides a dedicated point of contact for your engineering teams, to help with issues with Scytale Essentials.

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    Root Cause Analysis:

    Scytale helps your engineering team troubleshoot Scytale Essentials issues.

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    Office Hours

    Scytale hosts regularly scheduled video/audio calls for all Scytale Essentials customers.

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