Meet the Scytale team at DevSecCon Seattle

DevSecCon is a platform for leading experts and practitioners to showcase their DevSecOps ideas in thought-provoking talks and workshops. Attendees learn how to implement security as code in the development process, ensure secure continuous delivery, automate and monitor security processes and create an inclusive and collaborative culture between DevOps and Security.

Scytale, a founding contributor to Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) SPIFFE and SPIRE projects, is excited to have sponsored the "Seattle Edition" of the conference. Drop by Scytale’s booth to learn how you can make service authentication available as a consistent, “dial-tone” API to your development team. Learn how you can:

  • Establish a standard, fine-grained authentication layer to support zero trust between services. 
  • Deliver continuously attested service identities at scale across heterogeneous environments. 
  • Eliminate the risk of long-lived credentials and misconfigurations.
  • Reduce the time spent by your Dev and Sec teams in credential management.

    Plus grab a free water bottle or a custom "DEVSEC" cap while supplies last.