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Standardize and accelerate service authentication across cloud, container, and on-premise platforms
“Scytale can enable us to reduce application onboarding cycles from weeks to minutes.”

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    Scalable, cryptographic, platform agnostic service identity based upon an open standard (SPIFFE)

    Deploy standard, cryptographic service identities across heterogeneous platforms including cloud, containers, and on-premise infrastructure. These identities are based an open-standard, SPIFFE, backed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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    Multi-factor service authentication

    Instead of authenticating service-to-service communication with long-lived credentials that must be provisioned and rotated with the service, Scytale Enterprise identifies services through real-time multi-factor authentication policies.

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    Dial tone authentication

    Authentication can be deployed and governed by infrastructure and operations teams, and made available as consistent a “dial-tone” API to any engineering team.

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    Unified service directory and credential delivery

    Encapsulates complexity by unifying service identities across IdPs spanning cloud, container, and on-premise identity providers through a single service-facing API.

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    Identity brokering

    Enables you to extend your existing identity providers and authentication infrastructure (such as Active Directory) to the cloud and containers, and allows services running in one cloud to assume identities in others.

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    Comprehensive auditability

    Ensure compliance and precisely identify where and when service credentials are generated and delivered with granular tracing even in highly elastic and dynamic environments.

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