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Standardize and accelerate service authentication across cloud, container, and on-premise platforms
“Scytale can enable us to reduce application onboarding cycles from weeks to minutes.”

Head of Cyber Security Technology

  • Platform Agnostic
    Platform Agnostic

    Securely authenticate application or software services across heterogeneous platforms including cloud, containers, and on-premise infrastructures.

  • Designed for Dynamic Environments
    Designed for Dynamic Environments

    Easily manage identity in today’s cloud and containerized environments. Identities can be tied to individual services instead of static hostnames and Scytale Enterprise is automated to help you scale authentication in highly elastic environments

  • Central Overlay Service Directory
    Central Overlay Service Directory

    Provides a centralized directory for all service identities that unifies cloud, container, and on-premise identity providers. For each service ID, the directory also stores mapping to multiple identity providers that enables seamless translation across heterogeneous platforms.

  • Policy Driven Lifecycle Management
    Policy Driven Lifecycle Management

    Leverage multi-factor policies to eliminate hard-coded keys. The solution automates steps such as identity issuance, attestation, and certificate rotation according to these predefined multi-factor policies.

  • Built on open-source
    Built on open-source

    Based on an open-source standard (SPIFFE) designed by industry leaders, ensuring flexibility and security.

  • Comprehensive auditability
    Comprehensive auditability

    Get complete, granular insights into the lifecycle of a service’s identity in highly dynamic environments, including its associated policies and other details about the service itself.

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