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Standardize and Strengthen Cross-Service Authentication
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Open Source Projects

Scytale is a founding contributor to the CNCF’s SPIFFE and SPIRE projects. Inspired by the production infrastructure of Google, Netflix, and Facebook, SPIFFE is a set of open-source standards for securely identifying software systems in dynamic and heterogeneous environments. SPIRE is a production-ready implementation of SPIFFE. Together, the projects deliver a foundational capability - service identity - for cloud- and container-deployed microservices.

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Scytale Enterprise

Scytale Enterprise (SE) extends SPIRE by including a web-based management console, operator logging, and integration into enterprise SSO, IAM, and SIEM management platforms. SE also enables enterprises to easily re-use their existing on-premise service authentication protocols (such as Kerberos and OAuth) upon their burgeoning dynamic computing platforms, including cloud and containers.

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Scytale Essentials

Scytale Essentials is an annual subscription that includes immediate access to critical bug fixes and security patches for a Scytale-supported, production-hardened distribution of SPIRE.

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