Microservices, cloud, and containers demand security engineering teams fundamentally re-think service authentication in the modern enterprise. Not only do more services than ever before need to authenticate, but these services are also operating in an increasingly complex environment. Static identifiers become meaningless in a dynamic world, and network-based rules are too brittle for inter-service communication. 

Additionally, connecting cloud- or container-based services with on-premise services (like databases, etc.) is very challenging because legacy identity providers like Microsoft Active Directory prove difficult to easily extend to the cloud. As it stands today, the service authentication “bottleneck” for hybrid cloud deployments is materially impacting the ability to deliver against the promise of cloud velocity.

Join industry experts and peers to learn how to leverage an automated, flexible, and consistent model for authenticating services across any platform. In this webcast, we will discuss:

  • Why cloud and container architectures demand a service-centric approach to identity management
  • How companies like Google, Netflix, and Facebook solve these problems.
  • What are the unique service identity management and authorization challenges Fortune 1000s must overcome.
  • How Scytale, through both commercial and open-source efforts, intends to help.